Monday, July 12, 2010

Chasing Pirates

“I try not to dream but them impossible schemes swim around, wanna drown me in synch, and I don’t know how to slow it down. My mind’s racing from chasing pirates.”

Norah Jones

The mental pirates have taken me hostage. Want to put your brain on overload? Try preparing to move to another country. I feel like I’m doing more planning than a wedding coordinator. The endless to-do lists are getting out of control, not to mention the pressure to have extra quality time with my family.

This is not to say that I am anything less than thrilled about my impending move. The daydreams about my new life make up a third of the chaos. The final pirate wreaking havoc in my brain is my old friend Captain Insomnia. He adds an extra layer of inebriation to my daydreams and chore lists.

A friend who has suffered with bouts of insomnia for years recently told me that those periods are when she has the most clarity of purpose. She’s spot on about that. It’s like I have put on superpower glasses that filter out everything unimportant. I don’t have a spare minute to feel insecure about the coming changes or dwell on regrets from my five years in Georgetown. I have just enough energy to process the most important things: cherish the moments with friends I won’t see for a long time, let go of the fears and weaknesses that have kept me in my hometown so long, and eat a real hamburger (‘cause those do NOT exist where I’m going).

I suppose I should thank those pirates for keeping me hostage long enough to sort out what’s important.

Click to Listen to Chasing Pirates by Norah Jones


  1. don't go. I can't be left alone at the compound. SWWTBLS

  2. Hey Spanky, I predict you will find your first kinky pirate upon arrival. More later